The Lakers star's lawyers want his private life off-limits to his accuser

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 07, 2004 09:00 AM

Basketball star Kobe Bryant’s lawyers, who snooped into the private life of the Colorado woman who accused the athlete of sexually assaulting her, asked a judge on Monday to prevent her attorneys from doing the same thing to the Los Angeles Lakers star.

“Plaintiff’s counsel has indicated that he intends to depose Mr. Bryant on sexual matters having no possible relevance to the claims and defenses in this action,” Bryant’s attorneys said in a court filing, Reuters reports.

In September, criminal charges were dropped against Bryant after the woman – who was 19 when she said he attacked her last year in a Vail-area hotel – decided she could not go through the ordeal of a criminal trial. This followed death threats against her and embarrassing revelations fueled by such court mistakes as revealing her name.

The accuser has since filed a civil suit against Bryant, and her attorney, Lin Wood, has said that she wishes to depose Bryant’s wife, Vanessa.

Bryant, 26, meanwhile, is due to be questioned on Tuesday by the woman’s lawyers at an undisclosed location in Orange County, Calif., where he lives.

Bryant’s lawyers want a federal judge to enter a confidentiality order, prohibit the young woman’s lawyers from asking about his sexual history and issue a ruling that Bryant should be deposed only once even if a second lawsuit is filed in California – as the accuser’s lawyer has suggested, citing the strict caps on damages in Colorado.