September 03, 2003 01:04 PM

Attorneys for Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant have subpoenaed the medical records of the accuser in his rape case, reports Reuters.

Bryant, 25, has denied raping the woman, who worked as a concierge at a posh Colorado resort he had visited in late June. He has called their encounter consensual and claims that his only misdeed was adultery. A preliminary hearing to determine whether or not he must stand trial is scheduled in Eagle, Colo., on Oct. 9.

In requesting the accuser’s records, the defense team is apparently seeking details about when the young woman was hospitalized in February after police determined she was “a danger to herself,” says the news service.

But the attorneys for the University of Northern Colorado Medical Center (where she reportedly used to be a student) argued in a court filing that she has not waived her right to keep her medical records confidential. They are asking that the records, which they insist were sent to the court in error, be destroyed.

The university has never said the woman attempted suicide, although police decided to take her to the hospital because they believed she “was a danger to herself,” University of Northern Colorado spokeswoman Gloria Reynolds told Reuters.

“Obviously, the defense is interested in a situation which resulted in a 72-hour mental health holding,” former Denver chief deputy prosecutor Craig Silverman told Reuters on Tuesday.

“The task for the defense is to answer why this woman would make up an allegation. The medical records may provide a reason or create a reasonable doubt,” Silverman also said.

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