An expert witness suggests that Bryant's accuser had sex with another man

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated August 04, 2004 08:00 AM

Newly released court documents in the sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant suggest that his accuser had sex with a second man not long after her encounter with the Lakers star and that prosecutors were worried that this revelation could harm their case, The New York Times reports, based on a transcript from a June hearing that was finally released this week.

The bombshell coincides with a prosecution claim that they reportedly have a 22-year-old Florida waitress ready to testify that she was groped while working at a private Thanksgiving 2002 party in Bryant teammate Shaquille O’Neal’s Orlando, Fla., mansion, reports Sports Illustrated magazine.

At the June hearing, an expert witness for the defense (the only witness who spoke during the hearing) testified that DNA evidence strongly suggested that Bryant’s accuser had sex with a second man (identified in court papers only as “Mr. X”) not long after her encounter with Bryant.

The expert’s statement is in direct conflict with the claims of the accuser and will likely be used by Bryant’s attorneys to explain the injuries suffered by the accuser, which she reportedly has blamed on Bryant’s alleged attack on her at a Colorado resort.

Former Denver prosecutor Craig Silverman says the suggestion that the accuser reputedly had sex with another man “is inconsistent with the way jurors could expect a true rape victim to act and it is inconsistent with what she and her attorney have said.”

Bryant has called the sex with the woman consensual.

Prosecutors have said that they intend to rely on witnesses, rather than DNA evidence, at trial, which is scheduled to begin Aug. 27.