January 09, 2015 08:20 AM

Spoiler alert; Everyone lives.

Still, this is agonizingly awkward nearly ten-minute video, in which a knife-throwing duo competes on a talent show on Lithuanian television.

The setup is standard: One man stands in front of a board, and the other man throws knives at him, missing him by excitingly slim distances.

There’s a twist, though. The man throwing the knives isn’t actually good at throwing knives.

Starting at the 5:28 mark, the knife-throwing half of the duo nicks his partner’s finger with an errant toss, and does so again at 5:43. Then the flaming knives come out.

At 7:29 comes the worst near-miss.

The most cringe-worthy part of the whole thing is perhaps the end, where the man previously strapped to the target is holding his now-bleeding hand behind his back as the act lines up to receive the judges’ feedback. At 9:00, the pair attempt to surreptitiously clean up the poor guy’s blood from the stage with their shoes.

We don’t speak Lithuanian, but a savvy guess as to the content of the judges’ comments might be “What were all of you thinking?”

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