Kmart's newest Joe Boxer ad showcases an unconventional rendition of "Jingle Bells"

By People Staff
Updated November 19, 2013 12:00 PM
Credit: K-Mart

For a relatively family-oriented company, Kmart seems to have pulled a hard left with a new ad for its Joe Boxer brand.

It’s a simple one-minute spot that opens with six handsome dudes in suits, playing bells behind a table. Then, things get decidedly not subtle.

The table rolls away, and the men are revealed to be dressed in only Joe Boxer (Kmart‘s signature brand) shorts from the waist down. They proceed to play a somewhat unconventional version of “Jingle Bells.

The video’s not exactly the raciest thing we’ve ever seen, but at least one YouTube commenter has already derided the video as “harmful to society.”

What do you think?

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