Kitten Starts Fight with Two Dalmatians, Teaches All of Us True Bravery

Uno is five weeks old and has the grizzled bravado of Lee Marvin


Source: Adorable foster kitten plays with two Dalmatians by Dalmatians on Rumble

Uno is a five-week-old, black-and-white foster kitten living with two full-grown dalmatians.

Uno does not know the meaning of “fear.” Uno will fight these dalmatians, and Uno will fight you, and Uno will fight your whole family and any other member of whatever raggedy squad you feel the need to bring to Uno’s yard.

Uno is gangster.

Fun fact: If Uno had been boxing Floyd Mayweather instead of Manny “My Shoulder Is Injured or Whatever but I Won’t Tell Anyone About It for Some Reason” Pacquiao, that fight would have been over in a heartbeat and Mayweather’s precious undefeated record would have been dust in a litter box.

Uno for President in 2016. (Sorry, Hillary.)

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