Benny the Bull proves chivalry isn't dead by saving a lady from an awkward kiss cam fight with her suitor

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 06, 2015 01:10 PM

It’s a new year, and love is in the air – unless you are at Chicago’s United Center.

The home of the Chicago Bulls captured a lovers’ quarrel on its kiss cam during Saturday’s game against the Boston Celtics, and now it’s going viral.

Video of the Jumbotron moment shows a young couple popping up on the infamous kiss cam, but instead of puckering up, the pair starts bickering. Apparently mad that her suitor is yapping on his cellphone instead of smooching her, the girl tries to get his attention by swatting at him.

After a brief argument on the arena’s big screen, the guy goes back to his phone call, leaving his lady to sit without a kiss. Thankfully, Benny the Bull knows chivalry isn’t totally dead.

The Bulls’ mascot stomps into the frame, throws a cup at the chatty dude and then carries the woman off into the sunset … or food court.

Some viewers believe this televised tiff is an obvious stunt – it wouldn’t be the first – but does that really matter? Genuine or staged, this clip gets a vital message across: Nothing is more important than the kiss cam.