Kirsten Dunst Becomes a German Citizen

The actress, whose father is German, says, "I'm now a real international lady"

Photo: PA Photos/Landov

Kirsten Dunst is going global.

The actress, 29, shares her German roots with the German tabloid B.Z., revealing that she now has German citizenship – in addition to her U.S. citizenship.

“I’m now a real international lady,” she says,”one who can film in Europe without a problem.”

Dunst’s dream? “It would be the greatest joy for me to act in a German film,” she says.

Dunst, who stars in Melancholia, the new film by Danish director Lars von Trier, added that she even speaks German – though “at a child’s level.” (Her father is German and her mother Swedish.)

She also says she frequently visits her relatives in Hamburg but enjoys an even larger city.

“I would prefer to buy an apartment in Berlin,” she says. “It’s such a young city, and right now so much is happening in Berlin.”

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