July 25, 2015 06:00 PM

With Ariana Grande officially out of the way, YouTube trendsetter Kingsley, is setting his sights on the newly single Big Sean.

The famous vlogger, 24, told his fans at the Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE Interview Stage at VidCon 2015 that his biggest celebrity crush is the “I Don’t F— with You” rapper.

“First of all his voice just does things to me,” Kingsley said on Saturday, nearly losing his composure. “He has this Detroit – I don t even know how to describe it.”

The YouTuber, whose channel now reaches over 3 million subscribers, added, “His rapping is everything. His style is everything.”

Kingsley was also asked about his reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage.

“My parents are lesbians, and have been a partner for 21 years,” he revealed. “They were, like, asking me over text if they could have each others hand in marriage.”

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But the YouTube King also said the ruling makes him “really, really nervous.” He joked, “If you re dating, like, a guy, you never had to worry about, like, when am I gonna propose?”

At the end of the Q&A, Kingsley was asked for one last piece of advice. “Be yourself,” he said. “And f— everyone else.”


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