Jordan’s King Hussein is fighting a renewed battle against cancer in a U.S. hospital after a brief but tumultuous return to his homeland, where he dismissed his younger brother as heir and instead appointed his son, Abdullah, 36. (The King blamed his brother of conspiring against Hussein’s wife, Queen Noor, and their children.) “He is receiving treatment for a relapse of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His Majesty immediately began treatment upon arrival at Mayo Clinic on (Tuesday),” said a short written statement released by the famed hospital. The statement, attributed to the king’s private physician Lt. Gen. Dr. Samir Farraj and a team of Mayo Clinic doctors, described the king’s condition as stable. Just a week ago the Jordanian leader returned home to a tumultuous welcome after completing six months of what was described as apparently successful chemotherapy treatment and a bone-marrow transplant at the Rochester MN clinic. Officials in Amman told Reuters Hussein might need another bone-marrow transplant, but nothing had been decided yet.

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