Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

If the Founding Fathers had iPhones, we’re certain they would have celebrated Independence Day using Kim Kardashian West’s new 4th of July-themed Kimoji.

The reality star announced the patriotic twist on her signature emoji on Monday, and we’re already using them to communicate more than we use actual words. A cooler full of beer, American flag bathing suits, fireworks, popsicles and sunscreen are just a few of the new adds that we’ve been desperately lacking our whole lives.

Here’s a guide to seamlessly weaving these Kimoji into your everyday conversations:

When someone cancels plans you were secretly dreading:

When you’re coordinating outfits with your friend:

When you feel like inserting a butt into your conversation for no particular reason:

When you truly couldn’t be happier to live in America:

When you’re feeling frisky:

Or, you could use any one of these (sort of) NSFW animated Kimoji:

The new themed Kimoji are free – that is, if you download the newest 99-cent pack on the Kimoji app. The app itself costs $1.99.

Other celebrities – including Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna – have followed Mrs. West’s lead and released themed emojis of their own. When Drake eventually comes out with Drizmoji, we believe the trend will have reached its logical conclusion.