"I told her: 'Well, why are you always sitting next to me? Move your f---ing chair to the other end of the beach!' " the Bravo star recounted on Snapchat
Credit: Kim Zolciak Biermann/Instagram

Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s idyllic Turks and Caicos vacation with her husband Kroy Biermann turned into a family affair after four of their six kids joined them as a surprise.

The Don’t Be Tardy star took to Instagram and Snapchat to document the family fun on Sunday with kids Brielle, 19, Ariana, 15, KJ, 5, and Kash, 4 — and a little oceanfront drama that unfolded.

“This lady on the beach came up to me and said: ‘Could you keep you and your kids quiet? It’s a very quiet peaceful beach,’ ” Zolciak-Biermann, 38, recounted on Snapchat. “Bitch, what? They’re 4 and 5.”

“We’ve been nothing but respectful,” she continued. “I told her: ‘Well, why are you always sitting next to me? Move your f—ing chair to the other end of the beach!’ ”

The argument appeared to escalate, as Zolciak-Biermann explained she told the fellow beachgoer they would be checking out of the hotel soon enough.

“I said: ‘That’s ok, bitch, because we’re leaving.’ She’s like: ‘I’m not asking you to leave.’ I honestly told her: ‘You might want to f—ing loosen up, lady,’ ” she continued. ” ‘This is a beach that a lot of people pay a lot of money to stay here and enjoy the beach and if you don’t like it, f—ing go somewhere else. It’s life.’ ”

“So KJ’s trying to be really quiet and respectful, but his feelings are hurt, which makes me really mad,” she said in another video of her son looking downcast on the beach — to which her eldest daughter, Brielle, shouted, “F— her!”

The Bravo star then took to Instagram to bid farewell to the resort as she and her family headed back to Atlanta.

“Until next time!! Turks n Caicos,” she wrote. “Thankful so incredibly thankful. And to the lady that said to keep it down she would like it to remain quiet on the beach… kiss it where the sun is shining, ‘And loosen up and live a little.’ “

Upon their return, the family is set to begin filming the new season of their reality show, Don’t Be Tardy, which will premiere sometime this year on Bravo.