Kim Richards Sued Over Allegedly Violent Dog

The Real Housewives star is named in a suit that says her dog bit someone in 2014


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is facing a lawsuit that claims she has one very bad dog.

The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles, claims that her pitbull, Kingsley, bit the defendant, Kelly Crossley, “without warning” at Richards’ home on Sept. 1 last year. Furthermore, the suit claims that Richards knew the dog was dangerous, because it had previously bitten one of Richards’ friends, and that she and her family members failed to exercise a reasonable amount of caution that could have prevented the bite.

The suit goes on to describe the plaintiff’s injuries as “grave” and says they will result in scars.

Consequently, Crossley is suing Richards for unspecified damages that would cover medical costs, loss of income, damages for pain and suffering and also punitive damages “to deter future similar conduct.”

The reality star sent her dog to a trainer in November 2014 after several attacks on people. Kingsley bit her niece, Alexia Umansky, who had to have surgery after the incident.

Richards is also facing charges stemming from a public intoxication arrest in April.

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