The Lipstick Jungle star credits diet, her 5-year-old and "thigh-kicking" exercise
Credit: Marion Curtis/Startraks

New mom Kim Raver has her fab figure back after giving birth to a Leo Kipling Boyer in October.

But according to filmmaker husband Manu Boyer, the Lipstick Jungle star didn’t have to work out around the clock to melt the pounds away. “A little bit,” he said, “but not like crazy.”

“My big goal was to be able to nurse my baby,” Raver, 40, said at Thursday’s opening of the LaCroix Boutique in midtown Manhattan. “I was lucky that it came off easily.”

Her regimen: “Running after a 5-year-old and a baby,” she says, referring to Leo’s older brother, Luke. “Really, I’ve been eating really well, a full three meals and avocado. But I’m working 16 hour days, and I’m nursing.”

Special “thigh-kicking” courses are also part of the package. “I’ve been going to this thing called Physique 57,” she says. “Everything you should do after a baby that you should do.”

Then there’s domestic help. “First of all, you have to have a good husband, ” she says. “He is totally there for me.”

Luke also pitches in. “At first it is a little tough for the older one, when the baby comes home,” she says. “But now he just adores him and helps him. And when the baby is fussy or crying, the only thing that will make him stop crying is my older son.”

As for the little one’s role, she says he delivers “”big huge smiles when you walk in the door. That makes all the long nights and everything disappear.”

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