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October 21, 2015 02:00 PM

Welcome to The Price Is Kardashian. Come, have a seat.

We’re putting your Kim Kardashian knowledge to the test, The Price Is Right-style. The rules are simple: Guess the number without going over.

Questions vary from sales of her book, Selfish, to her app’s net profit.

Are you ready to play? Excellent. Then let’s begin. Unlike The Price Is Right, however, you will not be awarded the actual items you’re guessing on. So sorry, but we can’t afford to actually sell you Kim Kardashian’s Twitter followers.

1. How Many Followers Does Kim Have on Twitter?

A: 36 million
B: 40 million

Answer: A

2. How Much Does Kim Reportedly Make for Endorsement Tweets?

A: $20,000
B: $50,000

Answer: A

3. How Much Did E! Pay for Four More Years of Kardashians?

A: $50 million
B: $100 million

Answer: B
The family’s contract was renegotiated in February 2015.

4. How Much Did Kim’s App Make in Its First Week?

A: $1.5 million
B: $2 million

Answer: A
Total figures from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood are hard to come by, though maker Glu did release first-week sales.

5. What’s Kim Projected to Take Home in 2015?

A: $50 million
B: $52 million
C: $55 million

Answer: B
According to Forbes, Kardashian’s earnings nearly doubled from 2014-2015.

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