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December 03, 2008 04:00 PM

Kim Kardashian is taking a stance on posing for Playboy.

Though she has no plans to pose for the magazine again, she writes on her blog that she has a “never say never” attitude toward it.

Clearing up online reports that she’d reportedly said she would never pose for the magazine again Kardashian writes: “They’re quoting me as saying, ‘It was a one-off. I don’t think I’ll do Playboy or anything like that again.’ THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE!”

Instead, the reality star says, “While I’m not planning to pose for the men’s magazine in the immediate future, I definitely don’t want to close the door to the opportunity! I absolutely love Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy team and appreciate the opportunity to work with them!”

Adds Kardashian: “Lately I have steered away from the sexier shoots, but it doesn’t mean I’m afraid to be sexy or ashamed of that. I have no regrets.”

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