Kim Kardashian West Is 'Very Happy' Kanye West Is Feeling Better as Source Says He's 'Almost Back to Normal'

A source tells PEOPLE Kardashian has "barely" left her husband's side since he was hospitalized

Kanye West is on the road to recovery — and his wife Kim Kardashian West is right there with him.

A source tells PEOPLE that Kardashian West, 36, hasn’t wanted to leave her husband’s side since he was hospitalized Monday in Los Angeles for exhaustion.

The reality star was originally expected to attend the 2016 Angel Ball in New York City Monday evening, but she skipped out on the gala and rushed back to L.A. to be by her husband’s side.

“As soon as she heard, all she cared about was getting to Kanye,” says the source. “She was so worried and didn’t feel better until she was with him.”

“She of all people knew how hard he had been pushing himself,” adds the insider.

A second source tells PEOPLE Kardashian West has “been very concerned” and has “barely” left his side, but “is very happy that Kanye is feeling better.”

“He is resting and getting help,” says the insider. “They are taking it day by day.”

According to the source, the rapper’s mental state on Monday “definitely required professional help.”

“Kanye was extremely sleep deprived and had not been taking care of himself,” says the source. Now, the source says West, 39, is “starting to feel more like himself” and is “recovering very fast.”

“Kanye is almost back to normal,” says the source. “Kim doesn’t seem concerned about any long-lasting mental issues.”

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