Kim Kardashian: Reggie Waited His Entire Life to Win Super Bowl

"New Orleans deserves this – it's such a huge accomplishment!" she tells PEOPLE

Photo: Storms Media Group

It turned out to be one Super Sunday for Kim Kardashian and her Super Bowl-winning beau Reggie Bush, of the victorious New Orleans Saints.

“I am so proud of Reggie and the Saints!” an overjoyed Kardashian tells PEOPLE. “New Orleans deserves this – it’s such a huge accomplishment!”

Kardashian made the Miami trip a family affair, bringing along mom Kris Jenner and brother Robert. The group dined with Bush and his family at Prime 112 Friday night.

The Saints’ stunning 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts was the perfect ending to a long road that Kardashian witnessed firsthand. “Reggie has waited his whole life for this moment. It came and they conquered.”

So how does Kardashian sum up the day? “It was a really good win!”

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