It looked like the multimillionaire couple had to rough it on their recent trip

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really are everywhere these days.

But of all of the places you’d expect to spot Kimye, we’re guessing economy class on a plane ranks pretty low. The pair, estimated to have a joint net worth of $155 million, was reportedly spotted doing just that on a flight to Armenia earlier this month.

Kardashian, her sister Khloé, West and daughter North headed to Armenia to visit the family’s ancestral home, meet with Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, and of course, snap selfies in new and exotic destinations.

Fellow passengers were not surprisingly shocked to see what definitely looked like the notoriously lavish pair in such decidedly unglamorous conditions. In true Kardashian fashion, onlookers took to social media to share their surprise.

The selfie queen has the art of airplane sleeping down while her husband looks like he’s just shutting his eyes for about four five seconds. Someone please get the man an ostrich pillow – stat.

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