"Sometimes people need to take a break to see how much they need each other, " says Kardashian

By Mark Gray
October 18, 2009 09:10 AM
Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that couldn’t be more true in the reconciliation of Kim Kardashian and her NFL beau Reggie Bush.

“We just made the decision that we want to make it work, and the time off was really beneficial for the both of us,” Kardashian told PEOPLE at an early 29th birthday celebration (her actual birthday is on Oct. 21) at Tao Las Vegas Friday night.

Though Bush wasn’t able to make it to his girlfriend’s party – he’s preparing for Sunday’s game against the undefeated New York Giants – the couple won’t be apart for long: Kardashian’s headed to New Orleans to cheer on Bush at the big game.

“I think sometimes people need to take a break just to take time off to see how much they need each other and how much they really are compatible,” Kardashian says. “It’s just about making a commitment. With our schedules it was really tough.”

But this time around, Kardashian is making it a priority to go to Bush’s games every weekend.

For his part, Bush is keeping Kardashian on her toes about her impending birthday gift.

“He calls my sisters and my mom and figures out the best gift to get me,” she says. “They all are keeping it very quiet this year. He said he wants it to be special, so we’ll see what it is.”