"You're gorgeous, you deserve this automobile — and it better be clean every week," says the late Robert Kardashian in the 1996 video


In honor of what would have been her late father’s 73rd birthday Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West shared an adorable 1996 video of the family on her 16th birthday.

“I found this funny video of my dad and I are my Sweet 16,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tweeted, sharing a link to the video on her website and app.

In the full-length video available on her site, the late Robert Kardashian gears up to surprise his daughter with her birthday gift: a car!

“I told Kimberly that she’s getting a car, and she’s afraid that I got her a Camaro,” he said with one arm around 16-year-old Kim as the rest of the partygoers laughed. “Kimberly’s afraid that’s what she’s getting for her birthday. She’s so scared! I feel her shaking now. But we got her a different kind of car. It’s outside, if you want to go look at it — unless you’re too scared to go look at it!”

Blindfolded, Kim heads outside and is met with a brand new white BMW.

“Can I have the keys?” she says, hopping in excitedly. “We’re going to Prada!”

“That’s the thing, there’s no keys. We rented it for the day!” quips her father.

“Hey Kimberly. Hope you enjoy your brand new automobile,” he says to the camera after the big reveal. “I enjoyed it, and I can’t wait until you start smoking or you start drinking and I can take your car away and I can keep it. So hopefully, I can get you drunk so I can keep the car!”

“Happy birthday,” he added. “You are the best, you’re gorgeous, you deserve this automobile — and it better be clean every week.”

On Wednesday, Kim and her siblings all shared heartfelt tributes to honor their late father’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday dad! I love this family photo,” wrote Kim, 36, alongside a picture of the famous family back in the day. “I love our family. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I’m so grateful you are my dad!”

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