Kim Kardashian Hates Dating

But that hasn't stopped the reality star from meeting guys – and filming it for her reality show

Photo: Sniper/MeetTheFamous

Kim Kardashian is feeling the single lady blues.

“I don’t like dating,” Kardashian, 29, who split with longtime NFL star beau Reggie Bush earlier this year, tells PEOPLE at the red carpet premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 5 in Los Angeles. “I hate it. I don’t like meeting new people.”

That hasn’t stopped the reality star from trying, though. Recently, she’s been linked with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, and spotted on the sidelines of his NFL training camp in Texas.

Still, the new season of the E! show follows Kardashian as she goes on “five … [or] maybe three” dates. The hardest part? “Trying to figure out if someone’s genuine,” she says, “if they want to be with you for you.”

But she has devised a litmus test to see if guys are just using her for her fame: “I always say, where do you want to go eat?” Kardashian says. “If they pick a super trendy restaurant, then that’s, like, the worst sign.”

Reporting by MOMO ZHOU

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