Kim Kardashian Confesses She Was 'Obsessed' With Johnny Depp

She says the actor was one of her first crushes, even though she doesn't go for the bad boy type

Photo: Michael Simon/Startraks; Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sorry, Kanye West but apparently Johnny Depp captured Kim Kardashian West‘s heart first.

Before becoming Mrs. West, the reality star, 34, had a crush on the man behind Captain Jack Sparrow. She told Australia’s Daily Life, that she used to swoon over the recently wedded Depp, 51, when she was a teen.

“I was obsessed with Johnny Depp when I was a teenager. I thought he was so hot. He was gorgeous and had that bad-boy streak – especially when he was with Winona Rider and then Kate Moss,” West said.

“I loved looking at couples and wondering what it was that attracted them to each other. I didn’t go for bad boys as a general rule and I never went for party boys but was certainly attracted to Johnny Depp physically.”

But Kanye doesn’t have to worry too much, his wife went on to explain that her rapper husband is the “perfect” man for her.

“All men should be like my husband Kanye. He is very selfless when it comes to our relationship,” she shared. “He is giving and loving. He is respectful and has a great understanding about my needs.”

Along with Depp and Kanye, there is another man who has had a great impact on West’s life and the way she views love: her late father, lawyer Robert Kardashian.

“I remember looking at my dad and the way he interacted with Mum and thinking, ‘That’s the way a marriage should be.’ He was such a gentleman,” the reality star said.

“He always took care of his girls and my brother – he always made us feel important,” she continued. “He assured us everything would be okay regardless of what was going on.”

West says she sees the same traits in Kanye, who is a “doting” dad to their daughter North, even when she throws the occasional fashion show tantrum.

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