Courtesy of Kim Kardashian
December 25, 2013 12:10 PM

There was no shortage of activity for Kim Kardashian on Christmas Eve.

The reality starlet, 33, kicked off the holiday with a game of “peek-a-boo” at the L.A. Children’s Hospital, alongside sister Kendall Jenner, Kardashian Instagrammed early in the day on Tuesday.

After posting a few shots of her mingling with some of the kids and posing with the staff, it was off to the movies.

“I love seeing a movie on Christmas!” she Tweeted two hours after posting her last hospital photo. “So many good ones come out! Anyone seeing a movie & if so what?”

It appears the new mom made a decision, as her next Tweet said, “I think [we’re] going to see #TheWolfofWallStreet. It looks so good! Congrats to @mrrizaaziz @joeymcfarland @redgranitepics.”

Eight hours later, it was long-awaited party time for Kardashian and her besties.

“Naughty or Nice Crew @brittgastineau @carladibello @rachel_roy #ChristmasEveParty,” she wrote as the caption to accompany an Instagram shot of her girls posing in a photo booth.

Jenner also got in on the photo booth action, as a shot of her and model/stripper Blac Chyna were Instagrammed posing with Kardashian.

Fiancé Kanye West also put in an appearance on the holiday Instagram feed, as he was pictured with Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, with a caption that read, “Mi Familia.”

Robin Antin and a few of Kardashian’s other friends also made it to the holiday party’s photo booth.

Kardashian capped off the busy night with a kissy face-posed Instagram shot alongside West, with an accompanying caption that said, “Kisses goodnight.”

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