Kim Kardashian Arrives at Court for Divorce Case

Laura Wasser: "I can't believe the respondent (Kris Humphries) didn't show up today"

Photo: Reed Saxon/AP

Kim Kardashian showed up in a Los Angeles courtroom for a mandatory closed-door settlement conference in her divorce case Friday, but Kris Humphries was a no-show.

With her hair in a pony tail and wearing a print dress over white pants and black heels, the pregnant reality starlet sat calmly in the jury box before the judge told reporters to leave, citing the confidentiality of the hearing.

Bailiffs then covered the windows on the courtroom door and during the hearing one bailiff walked out and was asked if he knew Humphries’s whereabouts. “I highly doubt he’s going to come today,” he answered.

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A settlement conference is a routine meeting held to see if both sides can reach a resolution to a case before trial. The battling exes were both required to attend.

But the Brooklyn Nets player, 28, was still in New York after midnight Thursday evening, reported.

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The Nets had a day off on Thursday, and there was no immediate explanation for why Humphries had not arrived on time for the court appearance. When Humphries’s attorney Lee Hutton stepped out of the courtroom and was asked where his client was he replied, “Sorry, this is a settlement conference and it’s all confidential.”

But after the hearing concluded, Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wasser told PEOPLE, “I can’t believe the respondent [Kris Humphries] didn’t show up today. That’s my comment.”

Kardashian, 32, who is expecting a baby with Kanye West, wants a divorce from Humphries. But Humphries wants the 72-day marriage annulled on the grounds of fraud.

Humphries was due in Indianapolis Friday night for the Nets’ game against the Pacers.

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