Reality stars aren't permitted to join the ranks of 2,400 others with their names on the sidewalk
Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage

Labor Day blues? Kim Kardashian‘s labors are preventing her from having her own star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame.

Having told V Magazine she wants to “break the mold” that currently prevents the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce from granting reality stars a star on the city’s precious pavement, Kardashian was still told by the civic body that it won’t even entertain a notion of her being included.

“Part of criteria in being honored is receiving awards such as Emmys, SAG Awards, Oscars, etc. in the category of television, live-stage performance or motion pictures,” a chamber of commerce rep told the Hollywood Reporter this week. “They have to have a career in the business of acting for five years or more.”

As the trade paper goes on to note, Kardashian’s only acting experience to date has been a guest shot on Drop Dead Diva and an appearance in a Tyler Perry movie.

Furthermore, as far as reality stars ever joining the ranks of Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Nicole Kidman and about 2,400 other stars with their names in bronze on Hollywood Boulevard, the rep said simply, “Not on our radar right now.”