Kim Kardashian Clears Up Engagement Bet Rumors

She says she didn't make a Super Bowl-based deal with boyfriend Reggie Bush

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

Kim Kardashian says rumors of a supposed deal she made with boyfriend Reggie Bush to buy her an engagement ring if his New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl are totally false.

The buzz about a bet, which stemmed from comments she made last week during a Dallas radio show interview, has been blown way out of proportion, according to Kardashian.

“There is a story going around saying I made a bet that Reggie would propose if The Saints won the Super Bowl,” the 29-year-old reality show star writes on her blog. “This is not true. I never made any kind of bet.”

Kardashian explains that the radio interviewer asked her about her dreams for 2010, suggesting a little “bling-bling on the finger” might be on the list.

“I said, yes, a Super Bowl ring for Reggie. Then they said that if he gets a Super Bowl ring, I get an engagement ring, and I said ‘ok deal!’ ” she writes.

A flood of stories quickly followed that Kardashian and Bush had an engagement-for-Super Bowl deal in the works.

“This was taken way out of context by a lot of media outlets,” Kardashian says. “In NO way is that a bet I made with Reggie! I just wanted to clear that up.”
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