Courtesy Kim Kardashian
October 21, 2015 01:25 PM

Happy birthday, Kim! Today’s PEOPLE Snapchat Discover is dedicated to all things Kardashian to mark the milestone. Head over to PEOPLE’s Discover page on Snapchat to see today’s edition – and check back every day for all things celebrity/shirtless guys/everything in between.

In honor of her 35th year, we have curated the 35 self-portraits that most thoroughly epitomize the enigmatic wonder that is the Kim Kardashian Selfie. Not meant to be bound by the walls of The Louvre or The Met, these works of art hang in the hallowed halls of Instagram.

So mortals, behold the eternal glory of Kim Kardashian. You do not have the right, but, rather, the privilege to gaze upon these essential moments in self-expression.

1. The One That Started It All

2. The Contour


4. The Winter Wonder

5. The Girl With the Tiny Hat

6. The Kylie Jenner


8. The "This Is My Casual Outfit"

9. The Pregnant and Proud

10. The Yeezus Photobomb

11. The Whole Krew

12. The Serious Politician

13. The "I Woke Up Like This"

14. The "My Waist Did Not Wake Up Like This"

15. The Happiest Selfie on Earth

16. The Stolen Bikini

17. The Glow

18. The Kardashian Gothic (a.k.a. The ‘Kanye Was Psyched To Take This’)

19. The Blue Hue

20. The Vamp

Kim Kardashian Taught J.Lo How to Selfie!

21. The Starry Eye

22. The Kim Kitty

23. The Scream

24. The Mini Me

25. The Mini Mini Me

26. The Big Hair Don’t Care

27. The Momager

28. The Kousins

29. The Dye Job

30. The Champions and Chill

31. The Belfie

32. The Show-Off

33. The "Oh, You Know, Just Relaxing"

34. The Persistence of Selfies

35. The One for the Road

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