The star and her NFL boyfriend weren't willing to settle for less than a full-time relationship
Credit: Octavio R Vera Jr/Splash News Online

What happened to Kim and Reggie?

The reality star and her boyfriend of two-plus years, NFL running back Reggie Bush, called it quits just as some friends and family members were starting to think they would go the distance and marry.

“Sure there was pressure and talk about their future,” says one reliable source. “But they were always really good about not letting it get to them. Kim totally thought she would marry Reggie. She hoped that.”

But as of late, little signs kept coming up and time apart seemed to be taking a toll. “There was always that thought in the back of their minds that maybe they just couldn’t make it work,” says the source.

One big stumbling block: conflicting career obligations. Both Kim, 28, and Reggie, 24, are incredibly ambitious, says the source, and neither wanted the other to have to give anything up. The result was lots of time apart. “Reggie really wanted her in New Orleans when he was there playing but Kim is traveling more than ever. She has so much going on, it just wasn t physically possible for her to be there the entire season. With their schedules, it wasn’t realistic anymore.”

Nor, apparently, was the idea of a long-distance romance. “It just wasn’t fair to either of them,” the source adds. “They wanted it to be all or nothing.”

“They’re both doing okay,” says the source. But just okay: “When you care that much about someone and spend that much time working at something, of course it hurts to move on.”
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