Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin's Romance Going Strong

With a new football season starting, Kardashian is ready to become her NFL beau's lucky charm

Photo: Meet The Famous; Wireimage

Kim Kardashian and her Dallas Cowboys beau, Miles Austin, are keeping their romance under the radar, but “things are stronger than ever,” according to a source close to the couple.

The reality-mogul, 29, was in Dallas for the Cowboys’ pre-season game (they won!) and while Kardashian is scheduled to go on a European press-tour for her hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the source says she plans to be back for Austin’s first home game. “She’ll totally be his lucky charm,” says the source.

“The fans loved when she was at the [pre-season] game,” the source adds. “So many people surrounded her she needed a police escort to meet Miles in the locker room.”

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Still, Kardashian doesn’t want her fame to take any attention away from Austin. “She’s really supportive of him,” says the source. “Kim and Miles have purposely tried to keep their relationship quiet and low-key.”

So what makes the couple tick? “They love spending time together and keeping each other focused on work,” says the source.

And, unlike the contention over their busy schedules that existed between Kardashian and her ex, Reggie Bush, “Miles really is understanding of Kim’s work, and Kim gets Miles’s dedication. They are a perfect match.”

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