Who knew the celebrity couple was so into canoeing, picnicking and swingball?

Credit: Alison Jackson/Travel Channel/Rex USA

After their impeccably incredibly lavish wedding, is it possible that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just want to slum it on the honeymoon – by going camping?!

Well, no, it isn’t.

Still, it’s fun to imagine it. And now you can, thanks to these amusing photos starring look-alikes of the celebrity couple taken by Alison Jackson, who’s made us laugh before with her parody photos of the royal family.

In lieu of their actual honeymoon itinerary – which has included a stay at the five-star Castlemartyr Resort in Cork, Ireland – check out all the post-wedding activities they’re enjoying in this alternate universe.

What better way to scoot away from Florence than with a quick selfie (see above) in front of your getaway car? Not even a chauffeur to ruin the moment!

Relaxing inside a deluxe RV. But where are they off to?

Well, isn’t this romantic? No five-star hotels or award-winning chefs here. Just a couple in love, camping in an RV – and feasting on a picnic of strawberries and champagne.

Luxury yacht? Hardly. What this couple wants is a relaxing paddle down a river in a canoe. But they’ll have to put the work in!

It’s nothing but the most fun honeymoon diversions for these two. Who will win this epic match of swingball?

When you marry a musician, you want to hear the music – preferably not in a fashionable nightclub, but around a campfire. Can the s’mores be far off?

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