Kelli Bender
October 21, 2015 03:10 PM

Happy birthday, Kim! Today’s PEOPLE Snapchat Discover is dedicated to all things Kardashian to mark the milestone. Head over to PEOPLE’s Discover page on Snapchat to see today’s edition – and check back every day for all things celebrity/shirtless guys/everything in between.

Abe Froman is the sausage king of Chicago. Kim Kardashian West is the selfie queen of Calabasas. These are just common sense things we know.

But unlike Abe, Kim is no one-note royalty, something the reality star-turned mom/business mogul/potential first lady especially proved in her 34th year. Between hanging with Hillary Clinton and having sex 500 times a day, she managed to stuff a lot into this bandage dress we call life. But can she top it?

As Kim celebrates her birthday and starts her 35th trip around the sun, she has a lot of planning to do if she is going to best her greatest moments from the past 365 days. Take a look at some of the grand achievements 35-year-old Kim will have to top.

1. You Know, That Magazine Cover


In November 2014, Kim was tasked with the challenge to “break the Internet” by Paper magazine. She did it with just one photo shoot.

2. North West’s Nonstop Style Wins


North has been killing it in the kids style department, dressing better than some adults I know … like myself. It’s going to be hard for Kim to make North’s style any sweeter, but having a little brother to accessorize with should help.

3. Her Own Style

Even while dealing with difficult pregnancy problems, Kim still finds the time to look flawless. Add a little a bit of Kanye West to the mix and her costume changes are unstoppable.

4. Finding a New Photo Trend to Conquer

Kim Kardashian West
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

I selfie therefore I am. That’s Kim’s motto. To demonstrate her loyalty to the front-facing camera, she released Selfish, a collection of her favorite selfies, this year. Oh, and she also managed to post 18 photos of herself to Instagram in just 24 hours. We have already proclaimed her the queen of selfies, so what’s next?

5. Brainstorming Bigger Birthday Ideas

Kanye got the Staples Center all to himself for his birthday, and North celebrated turning 2 with a family excursion to Disneyland. Kim will have to come up with some elaborate party plans to top this year’s festivities for her two favorite people. We’re thinking a family mission to Mars.

6. Amping Up Her Political Posse

A 34-year-old Kim spent part of her year hanging out with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who called the star “warm and very personable.” Keeping up these kinds of White House relations is important, especially if Kanye’s 2020 plan pans out.

7. Expanding the Kim K Lecture Series

In June, Kim put down the phone and stepped up to the podium, giving a lecture about the objectification of woman. She also produced the special #RedFlag to raise awareness about mental illness in the social media age.

8. Topping Amy Schumer’s Red Carpet Prank

Kanye West (left), Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer

Schumer created a memorable train wreck on the Time 100 red carpet by falling in front of Kim and Kanye as a joke. Shots fired! Kim, it’s time to get the last laugh over this comedian.

9. More Amazing Vacations

Also, can we come?

10. Reclaiming the Instagram Throne

Kim had a big year on the most selfie-friendly social network out there, reaching more than 49 million Instagram followers. But Taylor Swift has already surpassed 50 million fans and Kendall Jenner broke her older sister’s record for the most-liked photo, so there is some work to be done in 2016.

11. Keep Crunching Those Sexy Numbers

This year, Kim remarked that she and Kanye were having sex “500 times a day” (in an effort to get little North a sibling). I don’t know if it is medically sound to encourage her to boost that number, but, well, we’ll just leave that there.

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