Sadly, most of the children think this machine is used for playing music

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 17, 2015 01:50 PM

In an age when the doors of Blockbuster have been shuttered, “Be Kind Rewind” means nothing to today’s Netflix-streaming children.

For this installment of the Fine Bros.’ “Kids React series,” the world’s burgeoning young minds are presented with a bulky, black VCR … and they have no idea what to do with it.

In the video, the kids handle the box like a prehistoric paperweight and try to guess what it is. Alarm clock? Radio? Music player?

Finally, Tyler provides a pretty spot-on description.

“It’s a VCR player, and it’s really hard to, like, program the clock,” the 10-year-old says.

This is the high point for the once-revered plastic box. The panel of youngsters go on to tear apart the machine, calling it difficult, confusing, outdated and weird.

Poor VCR. Don’t worry, buddy, they’ll miss you one day when the Wi-Fi goes out and all the DVDs are scratched.

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