"Ooh, are these like in the movies?" one of the kids asks, when presented with the iconic cassette tape player

By Alex Heigl
April 14, 2014 10:15 AM

The Sony Walkman turns 35 this year, and in an era of iPhones, Spotify and MP3s, the iconic gadget is starting to show its age.

In the video above, the latest in the "React" series, children (aged 13 and younger) attempt to decipher and operate the brick-like object placed in front of them.

The Sony Walkman, of course, as the video helpfully notes, “was the first mainstream personal stereo cassette player, and made its debut in Tokyo on July 1, 1979.”

The kids, however, are not impressed by this piece of history – few can even figure out how to open the Walkman. Curiously, the one girl who correctly ID’s the device, Samirah, is only eight years old, about five years younger than the oldest kid in the video.

Most of the kids in the clip don’t even know what a cassette is. “Ooh, are these like in the movies?” one of them asks. As the wise-beyond-her-years Samirah says, “It just amazes me how technology has changed.” Don’t even get us started, kid.

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