Watch today's youth explain while iPads will always beat Skip-Its

By Kelli Bender
Updated October 03, 2014 06:45 AM

It’s a pool toy … it’s a bubble maker … no, it’s a Skip-It, and today’s children are extremely confused by the vintage playground contraption.

The Fine Bros. latest “Kids React” YouTube video is all about examining the ’80s invention. While there are a few kids who recognize the Skip-It from recess or a friend’s garage, most of youngsters don’t know what to think about the hunk of pink plastic – except that it has a really catchy jingle.

Of course, you can’t give kids a toy and expect them not to play with it. Kids React’s panel jumped on the chance to try out the old school gadget with, well, mixed results. A few bruised ankles and kicked Skip-Its later, the consensus is that this toy is a stressful challenge that has a hard time beating out today’s technology.

“It’s all about the iPhones and the iPads,” says 12-year-old Marlhy. “It’s not really about this [Skip-it] anymore, which is kind of sad, because now kids aren’t really getting that much exercise.”

Wow, “Kids React” just got deep.

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