"Is it just me, or do the lyrics not make sense?"


Avril Lavigne‘s controversial "Hello Kitty" music video, which has been accused of cultural appropriation, has a new set of judges.

The child critics of YouTube series "Kids React" were recently treated to a viewing of Mrs. Chad Kroeger‘s clip, and they had … opinions.

“This is the evolution of music. We went from Brandenburg Concertos to this,” sagely explains 12-year-old Dylan. While Dylan is the only one to make a Bach reference, other kids appear equally exasperated by Lavigne’s dizzying work.

“This is freaking me out,” Tyler, 9, simply states.

After taking in “Hello Kitty,” the tykes proclaim the video kind of crazy and befuddling, but the majority didn’t cry controversy.

Watch the video for their hilarious reactions!

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