Katy Perry's Mom Wants Grandkids Pronto

"I just can't wait for them to have babies," grandma-to-be Mary Hudson tells PEOPLE

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

Someone’s certainly in a rush for Katy Perry and Russell Brand to have children, though it’s not necessarily the newlyweds themselves.

“He loves kids. I just can’t wait for them to have babies. Grandma, here we come!” Perry’s mother, Mary Hudson, gushed to PEOPLE on the red carpet at Sunday’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, where Perry debuted footage from her October wedding during her performance.

Hudson says her daughter and her new husband make a great team, though she doesn’t always understand how they do it, given their crazy schedules.

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“I don’t know whether it’s private jets or what, but they make it work,” she says.

In addition to her mother, Perry also brought her grandmother, Ann Hudson, to the Grammys for her 90th birthday – and her mom pointed out that Brand was right there to help, too.

“He is holding one side of Granny, and Katy is holding the other,” she said.

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