May 21, 2003 01:00 PM

Nicole Kidman’s Oscar for “The Hours” isn’t the only gold in her life.

The star, 35, is worth $81 million, making her Australia’s 10th richest woman, according to Business Review Weekly’s newest list of the “Rich 200.”

Most impressive, Kidman’s fortune grew 10 percent in a year in which the stock market tumbled and the world economy was shaky. Reuters quotes the business weekly as saying her bank account should swell even further next year, when the effects of her Best Actress victory fully kick in.

“Winning an Academy Award will certainly improve her earnings capacity,” the magazine says.

Kidman was one of 14 women on the list, down from 17 last year. For the record, the richest woman in Australia is iron-ore heiress Angela Bennett, worth nearly $330 million, though she must share that money with her brother, Michael.

Earlier this week, at a press conference in Cannes, Kidman revealed that money isn’t everything — and that at some point she’d like to put her personal life ahead of her professional one.

“I probably won’t do this for the rest of my life,” Kidman said of her acting career. “There are other things to do that interest me and I think that when I fall in love, that’s when I will stop and settle down.”

She certainly can afford to.

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