By peoplestaff225
December 11, 2003 01:00 PM

It’s looking as though Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz are climbing their own cold mountain — separately.

Just days ago, Kidman’s ex Tom Cruise confirmed to CNN’s Larry King that “she is with Lenny. Lenny Kravitz.” Over Thanksgiving, Kidman, 36, flew to Miami Beach to spend the holiday with Kravitz, 39, and attend the 15th-birthday party of his daughter Zoe, where the actress gave the teen diamond and gold chandelier earrings.

But now, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue, a Kravitz family friend says romance is no longer in the mix.

“(Nicole and Lenny) like each other,” says the friend, “but they are not in a romantic relationship.”

Adding to the confusion, a few days later at a party at Miami’s Shore Club, Kravitz was spotted with a Brazilian artist by the name of Isis Arruda. “They were making out,” one eyewitness told PEOPLE. “It was quite romantic.”

If the new year turns out to hold nothing more than friendship for Kravitz and Kidman, they may still make beautiful music together. Says the friend: “Nicole is talking about recording a CD with Lenny in 2004.”

Still, others are echoing the reports of the cooling between the couple, who at one point were supposedly house-hunting together.

“I am not getting married,” Kidman told columnist Roger Freedman at Monday’s New York premiere of “Cold Mountain,” in which she costars with Jude Law and Renee Zellweger.

Holding up her hand to the journalist, she reportedly told him (“sweetly,” he writes): “Do you see a ring? No. I’ve told you before, I take this seriously. I am not getting married.”

New York’s Daily News gossip columnists George Rush and Joanna Molloy, however, did spot a ring — when the actress was honored at last month’s American Cinematheque tribute — and asked Kidman about it at the “Cold Mountain” premiere.

“You’re too scrutinizing,” Kidman reportedly replied. “The ring is meaning way too much. It’s just a gift,” though she refused to say who gave it.

“I’m not getting married,” Kidman stressed to the News. “I’ll let you know if I am.”