After reading about the group's hardship, the singer writes a check to cover their expenses

Raucous rocker Kid Rock may really be a Boy Scout at heart. When he read about a Florida scout troop that lost nearly $10,000 worth of equipment to thieves, Rock said he’d send a check to help out.

The singer was in Orlando for a concert over the weekend when he read about the problems Oviedo Boy Scout Troop 631 were having: a trailer belonging to the troop and all the gear inside of it were stolen from behind a church, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The scouts had worked for seven years to raise the funds to buy the trailer and the camping gear they had stowed inside it, and were planning a trip to Tennessee this summer.

After reading about the hardship, Kid Rock came to the rescue. He wrote an e-mail to the troop saying: “I will cut them a check for the difference and hopefully will allow the boys to make their trip,” according to the newspaper.

The rocker’s publicist, Nick Stern, told the Sentinel that the star wouldn’t comment on his gesture but that “Rock was very happy to help out.”

Local businesses are also donating money to the troop, and the scouts are spreading mulch and raking leaves to thank the community. They may even end up with more money than they lost. If that happens, they’ll donate the extra funds to another group.

“A Scout earns his way,” Troop 631 Scoutmaster Bill Stott told the Sentinel. “The community is giving to us, so we want to give back to the community.”