Cameron was a little too tired to take the wheel

By Alex Heigl
June 03, 2014 07:00 AM

Every so often, the Internet brings us something bafflingly compelling. On paper, there’s no reason this 20-second video of a toddler who fell asleep on his favorite toy should be so riveting, but we’ve been watching it for the past five minutes.

Cameron, of Tabor City, North Carolina loves tractors, as many toddlers do. He also loves playing in the pool, and on May 27, he decided to take his toy tractor for a spin after a swim. The combined stimulation was a little too much. Dad Nicholas found Cameron asleep at the wheel and filmed his son driving around on the patio in a perfect loop.

We like to imagine that somewhere – in an alternate dimension, perhaps – Cameron is still asleep in his tractor on a sunny spring day, driving endlessly in a hypnotic, unbroken loop.

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