Just in Time for #Snowmageddon2015: Crowdfunding Brings Back Freezy Freakies Gloves

The iconic '80s gloves are returning and will offer adult sizes for the first time


Hey Northeast, looking for something stylish to wear while shoveling up all that white stuff from the blizzard of 2015? Well, you’re in luck – Freezy Freakies are coming back.

The popular, color-changing gloves from the ’80s are heading back into production thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, according to ABC News.

Hans Reichstetter, who launched the nostalgic fundraiser, originally asked for $10,000 to get the project moving, but has already received over $60,000 in donations with more than 10 days left in the campaign.

“It all started with my brother and I going skiing,” said Reichstetter. “We basically wear all ’80s gear, neon-ed out and kind of ridiculous. And we get a nice little reaction from people on the slopes usually.”

“We remembered way back in the day when we were in school that Freezy Freakies were the absolute coolest, and when my old ’80s gloves started to break down, we both started to look for a pair that actually fit our hands but couldn’t find any.”

Instead of giving up, Reichstetter became dedicated to bringing back four of the original Freezy Freakies designs in adult sizes.

Yes, this means your grown up hands may finally be decked out in the pegasus glory they deserve!

For those unfortunate enough to never come across a pair of Freezy Freakies, the magical aspect of the gloves is simple. Their secret power is called “Thermochromic Ink.” This special ingredient causes them to change colors when exposed to cold temperatures.

Now that Reichstetter has the funds to bring this beloved childhood memory back to life, he will be producing a limited run of the four top designs (Unicorn, Turbo, Ski Alpine and Fighter Jet) soon.

If you aren’t able to get your hands into the first wave of the Freezy Freakies resurgence, fear not. After receiving such a positive response to his Kickstarter campaign, Reichstetter is planning to make even more of the gloves in the future.

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