Zach Danger Brown only asked for $10 to make some potato salad

By Nate Jones
Updated July 07, 2014 04:30 PM
Credit: Getty

Ask the Internet for potato salad and you’ll have an OK side dish. Ask the Internet to help you make potato salad and you’ll find yourself awash in unexpected donations.

Earlier this month, an Ohio man who calls himself Zach Danger Brown realized he had never once in his life made potato salad. As a lark, Brown decided to crowdsource his first-ever attempt at the classic side dish, setting up a Kickstarter project to raise money for ingredients.

He didn’t ask for much. Just $10 – enough to buy a few potatoes, some mayonnaise, and maybe some spices (for extra zest).

In an Internet full of big dreams, Brown’s comically modest goal stood out. He soon gained a legion of fans who added their own spin to the gag by funding the project at levels well ahead of its founder’s goals.

As admiring tech sites spread the word, donations rose exponentially. Soon, Brown had become a minor Internet celebrity, complete with Buzzfeed interview and Reddit AMA session.

As Brown’s profile rose, so too did his ambition. He added more rewards for the high rollers, promising a potato-themed haiku for everyone who donated $20, and a potato-themed hat for anyone who donated $25. The big spenders who donated $50 would receive a cookbook of various potato salad recipes throughout the globe.

On Saturday, Brown invited the Internet to a gigantic public potato salad party. On Sunday, he posted a message of thanks to his supporters.

Now if only we knew what he could do with $240 worth of pudding.

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