"I was rebellious and having an annoying time at home," Kardashian explained

By Karen Mizoguchi
June 30, 2016 08:50 PM
Cindy Ord/Getty

Khloé Kardashian has resided in Southern California all her life but she hasn’t lived in the same location for more than a handful of years at a time.

In a new blog post, the reality star recalled moving around to different cities since age 16. “I lived with my mom until I was 16. Then I moved into a house where I rented a room from an older man,” Kardashian, 32, explained.

That “older man” was her boss, who lived in Laurel Canyon. “I worked as his assistant and lived in the home, but don’t get it twisted – it was not intimate! He had a family and I just lived in one of the bedrooms,” she added also explaining why she had to get out of Kris Jenner‘s home, “I was rebellious and having an annoying time at home. My parents didn’t want me to leave, but I was a little brat.”

It was only for a year though as she, next, moved in with four guys, one of whom would later become a famous rapper. “Then I got a house with four guys as roommates in Van Nuys. We were all friends. One of my roommates from that time was The Game. I’ve known him since I was 14 and we’re friends,” Khloé wrote.

Some of her longest years would be in Woodland Hills where she lived from age 18 – 21. First, she lived with her late father Robert Kardashian, then would live on her own in houses coincidentally always near sister Kim Kardashian West.

“Back then, I would move into a place for a year and then move out. I never stayed in one place too long,” she said. Around the time her family would start filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé moved back in with her momager at her new Woodland Hills home.

Amid the success of the E! reality show, she would meet and fall in love with Lamar Odom. The then-couple lived at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills for six months before moving into a Tarzana home together.

As documented on KUWTK, Kardashian had marital issues with Odom and moved in with brother Rob Kardashian at his apartment in Sherman Oaks at age 29.

For the past two years, the former Kocktails with Khloé host has lived in Calabasas near her mom and sisters. “Now I live in my current home! What a crazy journey it’s been to get here!” she reminisced.