Lamar Odom's wife is still playing coy about whether or not she s pregnant

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If Khloé Kardashian is pregnant, as rumors suggest, expect a baby bump to do the talking – not an official announcement.

“If I was [pregnant], I would not say anything to anyone because you can’t say anything [until] past a certain point,” she coyly told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “It’s about health.”

Last week, Kardashian told reporters she was “just fat!” This week, she says, “I am not [two months pregnant].”

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Whenever the youngest Kardashian sis decides to start a family, she’ll know how to kick the baby weight to the curb.

“Right away, when I had Mason in the hospital, I used a Belly Bandit,” Khloe’s big sis Kourtney tells Seacrest. “You wrap it. It’s like from ancient times I have a limited edition Kourtney Kardashian Belly Bandit. You use it for 45 days, and it’s supposed to help your tummy go back to normal because you can’t work out for six weeks anyway, not that I have time.”

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