Lamar Odom Lashes Out at Paparazzi Amid Khloé Kardashian Cheating Report

A source close to the couple says the cheating accusation "couldn't be farther from the truth"

Photo: Denise Truscello/Wireimage

Lamar Odom is not exactly having an All-Star week.

First, a tabloid reported that he cheated on wife Khloé Kardashian, then the normally low-key basketball player lashed out at a paparazzo who asked him Wednesday whether the report is true.

According to a source, Odom, 33, was stopped at a red light near his home in a gated community in Los Angeles Wednesday when two photographers drove up to his car and one repeatedly asked him point-blank if he cheated.

Odom denied the accusations to the photographer, quietly saying in a shaky video (posted on TMZ) that, “I would never cheat on my wife, that’s why I wear my wedding ring.”

Although his voice remains calm in the video – and even shows him taking a break from the drama to pose for a photo with a fan – a witness to the incident tells PEOPLE Odom “lost it.”

“Lamar got furious that they had the nerve to ask him and he absolutely lost it. He got out of his car and went crazy on a third photographer. He reached into the photographer’s car, grabbed the camera equipment and threw it into the street. Lamar was very upset and seemed beyond stressed out.”

Adds a source close to the family: “The paparazzi has been continuously taunting the family. Enough is enough!”

The initial tabloid report claims Odom cheated on Khloé with a woman he met in January 2012 at the Stadium Strip Club in Washington, D.C., after playing a game for the Dallas Mavericks. The pair reportedly rekindled their flirtation after a chance meeting in the lobby of the Charlotte, N.C., Ritz Carlton Hotel 11 months later.

Meanwhile, wife Khloé, 29, is vigorously defending her man – and repeatedly slamming the paps – on Twitter.

“Hehehe I just love my hubby :)” she Tweeted Wednesday night when @DASHUniverse wrote “@KhloeKardashian love when your in rant mode!”

A source close to the couple tells PEOPLE the cheating report “couldn’t be farther from the truth” and the duo, who wed in September 2009, are planning to renew their vows this fall.

With reporting by JENNIFER GARCIA and AILI NAHAS

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