If he can get out of that alive, he's good to stay," Khloé tells PEOPLE of sister Kim's boyfriend

By Dahvi Shira
March 27, 2011 06:00 PM
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries seem to be handling their long-distance relationship just fine – but according to Kim’s sister, Khloé, the couple has another challenge waiting in the wings.

“I don’t think Kris knows what he’s getting into,” Khloé, 26, told PEOPLE the other day, while promoting her new E! reality show Khloé & Lamar. “He hasn’t been around all of us yet. He hasn’t been to my mom’s house with the chaos, so the initiation process will happen this summer – if he lasts. If he can get out of that alive, then he’s good to stay.”

If Humphries, 26, does survive meeting Kris Jenner and co., it sounds like a carefree summer is in the works.

“Hopefully we’ll all get to go on fun trips and hang out,” Khloé says of her sister, 30, Humphries and Odom. “That’s something that we all look forward to. Kris was out here [for] All-Star weekend, and we hung out. Lamar got to know him and we had fun.”

Despite competing on two different NBA teams, Odom and Humphries do not butt heads. But that doesn’t mean Odom hasn’t voiced his thoughts on Humphries’s New Jersey Nets.

“Lamar always teases Kim,” Khloé says. “Kim will be like, ‘Oh, my god, [the Nets] won their game.’ And Lamar will go, ‘Kim, remember this day. They’re not going to win [the NBA Championship].’ She thinks it’s funny.”