The sophomore suffered a grisly open-leg fracture, but still saw reason to be proud

By Tim Nudd
April 04, 2013 08:15 AM
Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty

Leave it to Kevin Ware to look on the bright side after suffering a gruesome and heartbreaking injury during last weekend’s Louisville basketball game against Duke.

The Louisville sophomore couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally looked down at his leg after falling awkwardly Sunday night.

“I saw the bone six inches out,” Ware, 20, told Good Morning America on Thursday. “I didn’t feel any pain. It didn’t hurt. Honestly, it didn’t hurt. It was just scary. It was probably one of the scariest moments in my life.”

Ware didn’t want to look at first. The concern in coach Rick Pitino’s face already had him expecting the worst, he said.

“Coach P’s eyes gave it away,” Ware said. “And seeing my leg like that, it was straight shock.

Ware knew there was nothing he could do but urge his teammates to win the game. Only later did the tears come, as Wade cried with his girlfriend. But they weren’t all tears of sadness. Louisville, the tournament’s overall No. 1 seed, ended up crushing Duke by 22 points.

“I needed to get it out. I needed that cry,” Ware said. “It was more so me crying tears of joy. I was so proud of how they played.”

Ware – who has even heard from First Lady Michelle Obama – says he’ll never watch the video of his accident, as he believes it will hold him back mentally from being able to recover. But he does have one solid plan for the future.

“I’ll be playing next season,” he says.