Kevin Smith Flies Southwest for the First Time Since Allegedly Being Booted Over His Weight in 2010

Smith did not report any issues with the airline this time around

Photo: Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

Six years after he had some pretty profane words for Southwest Airlines, director Kevin Smith returned to “enemy territory” for a flight … and it surprisingly went pretty well.

The Clerks and Red State filmmaker, 45, took to Twitter on Friday to recount a new story of travel woes, in which – this time – Southwest came to the rescue.

Though the airline earned Smith’s ire in 2010 when it allegedly booted him from a flight due to his weight, he tweeted Friday that he was “ready to give [Southwest] another try.”

“People of @PlanetComicon! I’m trying to get to you but @Delta has delayed me 3 hours to check a bathroom smoke alarm. Hope I can make it…,” Smith wrote, adding, “Since @delta delayed my flight 4 hours, I now can’t get to #KansasCity & @PlanetComicon unless I fly on @SouthwestAir.”

(Smith also had some NSFW words for Delta.)

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Smith did not report any issues this time around. “So far, no fat complaints!” he tweeted, along with a smiling photo of his seatmates.

Upon landing, he wrote, “We did it! Thanks to @SouthwestAir, I’m finally in #KansasCity! Strange bedfellows indeed! Now on to @PlanetComicon!”

Southwest followed along the whole time, welcoming Smith aboard their flight and wishing him well for the future.

“Glad to hear it, Kevin,” the airline tweeted back following his landing. “Hope you have a great weekend!”

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