His brothers plan a "good, clean" bachelor party before Kevin weds Danielle Deleasa

By Paul Chi
Updated September 22, 2009 07:45 AM
Credit: Courtesy Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas may not have set a wedding date yet, but the oldest Jonas Brother has one thing checked off his to-do list as he prepares to tie the knot with girlfriend Danielle Deleasa – he’s chosen a best man.

Make that best men.

“I decided that it’s going to be both Joe and Nick,” Kevin, 21, confirms to PEOPLE on the Canadian set of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. “Dani has an older and a younger sister, so it works out really well. I can have two best men, and she can have two maids of honor.”

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Now that the situation has been settled, what do the two best men have planned for the bachelor party?

“It will be good, clean fun,” says Nick, 17. “We’re going to have a good time with friends and family.” Adds Joe, 19: “It won’t be in Vegas. Vegas is not really the ideal place. We are thinking somewhere even cooler and better.”

According to Nick, “It’s a big deal, but Kevin kind of has already planned it himself. He will give us suggestions on what he would like and we keep on trying to tell him no. We’re like, ‘You have no involvement in planning this. Just get ready to have a good time.’ ”

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Adds Joe, “We’re not going to let that happen. Nick and I are in charge and we have to remind Kevin that we’ll take care of it.”

Starting a Family

Though they are mum on the party details, the younger brothers are ecstatic about welcoming a woman into the family. “This is going to be a new step in all of our lives,” Joe says. “We are willing to take it and we’re excited for him. It’s great to have a sister in the family.”

“We’re all very excited about it,” Nick says. “It’s great that he found someone he loves, and we all love her too. I know they are going to have a great, happy marriage.”

As for settling down and starting a family of his own after he gets married, Kevin, who plays a camp counselor in the Disney Channel sequel due out next year, says he would love to be a dad. “Definitely, for sure,” he says. “It would be incredible to be a dad and raise a family. I hope to someday. But it won’t be anytime soon.”